Peer Recovery Support Services Mentor Initiative: Mentee Application

Peer recovery support services (PRSS) are an increasingly important part of efforts to effectively address opioid use disorders. The Peer Recovery Support Services Mentoring Initiative (PRSSMI) supports organizations interested in incorporating PRSS in their portfolio of substance abuse intervention and treatment strategies. The purpose of the initiative is to:

  • Promote networking and peer-to-peer learning among organizations that are implementing PRSS in criminal justice settings.
  • Disseminate promising approaches, best practices, and evidence-supported PRSS programming.
  • Enhance the capacity of selected organizations to develop a PRSS as a component of their diversion or alternatives to incarceration programs.
  • Improve the organizations’s ability to successfully implement an PRSS program, in collaboration with community partners.

Through a rigorous process, BJA has selected model sites (locations) that have agreed to host practitioners who are integrating a PRSS component into their COAP grant.

PRSSMI is seeking organization that are planning or in the early stages of starting up a PRSS program to be matched with mentor sites.  For up to 12 months, selected sites will receive consultation and support from staff of experienced program, culminating in a visit to the mentor site.  Mentee sites will be expected to:

  • Engage a consistent team of 3-5 individuals.
  • Participate in monthly virtually learning sessions during the first three months of the mentorship.
  • Send at least two team members on a site visit to the assigned mentor site (PRSSMI will cover travel for 2-3 persons).
  • Develop a brief workplan for program development based on lessons learned from the mentorship.
  • Complete a survey questionnaire at the end of the mentorship.

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